Effective January 1, 2022, Hill Law Offices, P.C., will be closing, and Susan C. Hill will be joining Huber Fox, P.C., as Of Counsel.

COVID-19 Alert

Dear Clients & Colleagues:

We hope that you are taking good care during this challenging time and are staying safe and well. Please know that Hill Law Offices, PC, remains committed to providing legal services to our clients during this unprecedented period and beyond.

We have returned to the office, while continuing to follow the public health guidelines. We continue to arrange both telephonic and video conferencing during this period, whenever feasible. However, we also offer office visits for signing, notarizing, and sharing documents. As such, please stay home if you are not feeling well, or if you have a fever or cough, and make every effort to maintain a six-foot social distance from others. We are also requesting that all persons who enter the office cover their nose and mouth with some form of cloth or mask – we will gladly provide a mask, if you need one.

Court hearings and filing of most court documents have resumed on a modified basis, with very limited in-person appearances or interactions with clerks or others in the court. Most court hearings are conducted through Zoom or telephonically, and most filings are by mail or drop box. While things are not back up to full speed, they are progressing, and slowly falling into a new normal.

Please continue to reach out to Hill Law Offices, PC, both by email and by telephone, and we will continue to serve your needs as fully and as efficiently as possible.

Stay safe, take good care of one and all, and thank you for your patience and positive attitudes.

Susan C. Hill
President & Principal Attorney
Hill Law Offices, PC