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  • COVID-19 Alert

    Dear Clients & Colleagues:

    We hope that you are taking good care during this trying time. Please know that Hill Law Offices, PC, remains committed to providing legal services to our clients during this unprecedented period.

    We will be working daily via remote connection, and will come in to the office to process mail and files sparingly, as needed. We are arranging both telephonic and video conferencing during this period, in order to address your needs. As such, we expect little to no business interruption on our end, but please understand that some of your work, and the ability to work with us, may be impacted by business and government office/court closures, personal health precautions, and care and concern for loved ones. Some delay in response is unavoidable due to the nature of remote access, so please be patient with us.

    Court hearings and filing of most court documents for all but emergency services are currently delayed due to court closures. Please let us know if your matter is urgent so that we may discuss your options for emergency filing.

    Please continue to reach out to Hill Law Offices, PC, both by email and by telephone, and we will continue to serve your needs as fully and as efficiently as possible during this time.

    Stay safe and take good care of one and all.

    Susan C. Hill
    President & Principal Attorney
    Hill Law Offices, PC