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Trust Administration in Sacramento, California


Are you named as a Trustee in the Trust of a person who has recently passed away?

Do you need help figuring out what to do next?

Hill Law Offices, PC, is here to help you.


It can be a bit overwhelming when you suddenly find yourself a Trustee of a Trust. Even if you knew you were named as the successor when you parent, relative or close friend drafted their trust document, it can catch you by surprise and confused as to where to turn and what is next.

Your basic duties are the same as if you were the executor of a will, but there is no court oversight and guidance on the process. Those duties including marshaling the assets of the estate, paying valid debts of the estate, and distributing the assets to the named beneficiaries. As simple as this sounds, there are many steps involved in each of these procedures. And, because a trustee is a legal fiduciary, not only do you have important legal processes you must complete, but you may be held personally liable if you act in a negligent manner, by missing some of the legally required steps in the process that will protect you.

We will guide you through the process. Hill Law Offices, PC, can inform you of all your legal duties, and assist you in completing them. You will have plenty to do in the process, but with our guidance, you can feel confident that you are addressing the requirements under the law to avoid acting negligently, and avoid being held liable for not knowing about certain required processes.


If you happen to have the opportunity to experience both a trust administration, and a probate administration, you will see how much easier and less expensive it truly is to have a trust in place. It is a gift to your family and friends, and provides peace of mind to you. At Hill Law Offices, PC, we are dedicated to helping our clients establish a detailed plan for their estate that they will feel confident in. Call us today to discuss the benefits of drafting your own trust to help manage your property – not only after your passing, but during your life as well, if needed.


Having an estate planning lawyer who has experience with the processes of both, drafting estate plans and administering those plans after a person dies, is extremely important. At Hill Law Offices, PC, we are committed to helping each and every client create their plan in the most efficient manner possible, as well as administer those same plans when necessary. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with the decisions you make, and it is our goal to help you do that.

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